Tay Sachs Disease

The Facts
What is Tay Sachs Disease
Tay Sachs Disease (TSD) is an incurable inherited genetic disorder of the central nervous system. Symptoms usually appear before six months, when babies lose the ability to smile. Blindness, paralysis and seizures usually follows, and the child usually dies before their fifth birthday.

Every ethnic group has a predisposition to certain genetic disorders. While Tay Sachs Disease (TSD) can affect anyone, Ashkenazi Jews (Jews with Eastern European ancestry) are much more likely to carry the faulty Tay Sachs Disease (TSD) gene.

In Melbourne Victoria Australia :-

About one in 25 Ashkenazi Jews carry the faulty gene for Tay Sachs Disease (TSD).
About one in 300 in the general population carry the faulty gene for Tay Sachs Disease (TSD).
1:2500 Ashkenazi Jewish babies born will die from Tay Sachs Disease (TSD)
1: 360 000 babies born in the general community will die from Tay Sachs Disease (TSD)
Affected babies are approx 100 times more likely to be of Ashkenazi Jewish decent.

Carriers of this condition can be detected for using a cheek brush test or a blood test.

For more information about Tay Sachs Disease in Melbourne Victoria Australia follow this link www.taysachs.net

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