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Blue Ribbon for Gilad

State Zionist Council of Victoria Rally

Sunday 16 July 2006

State Zionist Council of Victoria Blue Ribbon“Blue Ribbon for Gilad”

Blue Ribbon Event at Caulfield Park

Location: Balaclava Road near the intersection of Bambra Road
Caulfield Melbourne Australia

Date and Time: Sunday July 16, at any time between 10am – 12noon

State Zionist of Victoria Gilad Shalit

On Monday July 10, peaceful protest demonstrations were held in capital cities around the world to campaign for the release of Corporal Gilad Shalit, who was kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists while guarding communities in southern Israel on June 25, 2006. Two of his comrades, Pavel Slutzker, 20 and Hanan Barak, 20 were murdered in the same attack.

July 12 saw an intense escalation of attacks on Israel; with 2 more Israeli soldiers kidnapped from their positions near the northern Lebanese border, by Hezbollah (Hizbollah) terrorists. Eight soldiers were killed on the same day in Hezbollah attacks while protecting the border and rescuing their fellow soldiers. Killed were: Shani Turgeman, 24; Eyal Benin, 22; Nimrod Cohen, 19; Wasim Nazel, 27; Alexei Kashiniervski, 21; Yaniv Bar-on, 19; Sgt. Shlomi Yirmiyahu, 20 and Sgt. Gadi Musayeb, 20. The names of those kidnapped are yet to be released.

In Australia, activities are focusing on a “Blue Ribbon” campaign to raise awareness for the plight of Gilad and now the other abducted Israelis. The Blue Ribbon provides a simple visual reminder of Gilad and can be easily pinned to your clothing, tied to your car aerial or your front fence.

Community display of support for Gilad Shalit and the 2 soldiers kidnapped from Israel’s north will take place on Sunday July 16 at Caulfield Park, 10am – 12noon. Community members are invited to the area of the park where Balaclava Road intersects with Bambra Road, with their families to tie a blue ribbon to a tree and stand in solidarity with Gilad and the other kidnapped soldiers, their families and Israel.

We call on the Palestinian and Hezbollah terrorists to release their hostages immediately, and cease all terror and violence.


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