Saltpillar Theatre

Melbourne Australia


Red Rover Productions has great pleasure in offering the friends and supporters of Saltpillar Theatre a special discount offer to an advanced screening of Pip Mushin's feature film JOSH JARMAN

Be one of the first to see this fabulous new Australian comedy!

Special offer!!
2 tickets for $13.00!! (or 3 for $19.50, 4 for $26.00 etc.)

Advanced Screening
Tuesday 8th November 2005

at 6.30pm

Classic Cinema
9 Gordon St
Elsternwick Melbourne Australia

Saltpillar Josh Jarman

Josh Jarman only wants one thing -
to get his play produced in a proper theatre with a decent audience.
But ambition comes at a price.
Josh's 'deal of a lifetime' takes him on a crazy journey involving a hyperactive girlfriend, a ruthless producer and a creatively challenged director.
Then along comes the girl next door, who may be just what Josh is looking for…if only he knew it.

Yes, Josh Jarman only wants one thing … and he’ll do almost anything to get it.

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