Antisemitism in the contemporary world


Conference Program
Sunday 6 February, 2005
9-9:30am Opening
9:30-10:30amProfessor Dina PORAT - Trends in global antisemitism today
10:30-12 noon

Concurrent sessions

Antisemitism and the Left in Australia
Barbara BLOCH/Angela BUDAI - Israel and the Australian Left since the Second Intifada
Donna Jacobs SIFE - Experiences of a left activist in Sydney
Dawn COHEN - The Byron Bay Experience: Strategies for changing antisemitism in alternative, left wing Australia

Is there "new" antisemitism?
Dr George HALASZ - is new antisemitism really 'new'?
Dr Philip MENDES - Antisemitism/antizionism
Dr Peter Sheldon - Antisemitism and the libertarian left

Antisemitism on campus
Joseph SOLOMON - Antisemitism on campus
Vanessa STEINBERG - Antisemitism at LaTrobe
Dr Rob BAUM - Antisemitism on campus

12 noon - 1pmDr Daniel PIPES - Politics of Muslim Antisemitism
1:30 - 2:00pmProfessor Jack JACOBS - Frankfurt School and new antisemitism
2:30 - 4:00pm

Conceptualising and identifying antisemitism
Professor Colin TATZ - Differing forms of antisemitism
Professor Andrew MARKUS - Dehumanising the Jew warning signs
Vivienne PORSZOLT - Antisemitism under the bed

Current manifestations of antisemitism in Australia
Jeremy JONES - To be advised
Associate Professor Danny BEN-MOSHE - Antisemitism in ideology of Australian far right
Melinda JONES - Can legal strategies combat antisemitism?

Jewish-Muslim relations
Dr Julie RUTH - Improving Jewish-Muslim relations
David BITEL - Perceptions of Australian Bangladeshis of Jews, Israel and the Middle East conflict and antisemitism
Jean-Yves CAMUS - Alliance between French left and Islam

4:00 - 6:00pmJews and the Media panel
Dan GOLDBERG (chairperson) David Knoll
Tzvi FLEISCHER          Michael VISONTAY
Paul GRAY                   Barney ZWARTZ
4:00 - 5:30pmIs antisemitism protected in Australia?
Dr Rodney GOUTTMAN - Waiting for Balak - new Australian antisemitism
David KNOLL - Are civil rights for Australian Jews at risk?
Associate Professor Dough KIRSNER - Antisemitism resolutions by Australian parliaments

Louisa FLANDER - Workshop - healing the hurts of Antisemitism

Sunday Evening
8:-9:30pm Community Forum
“When does criticism of Israel become antisemitic?”
Monday 7 February, 2005
9:00 - 10:00am Professor Stanley WATERMAN - Judeophobia in the UK and Europe
10 - 11:30am

European Antisemitism
Alissa BOZHKO - Antisemitism in Ukrainian Publications
Charles GIVRE/ Justin O'CONNOR - New antisemitism in western Europe
Daniel GARCIA - Confession of a Merchero

Swiss Antisemitism
Dr Christina SPRAETI - Left-wing antisemitism in Switzerland
Dr Simon ERLANGER - Swiss antisemitism

Left-wing attitudes to Zionism and Israel
Emeritus Professor Sol ENCEL - Left antisemitism
Itiel BERESON - Left-wing attitudes to Jews and Zionism
Dr David GLANZ - Political Zionism and the erasure of dissent

11:30 - 12:30pm Itamar MARCUS - Palestinian anti-Jewish hatred and incitement
12:30 - 1:30pm Dr Natan KELLERMAN - Holocaust Education
1:30 - 2pm LUNCH
2:- 4:00pm

Jews and the Left panel
Dr Philip MENDES (chairperson)

2 - 3:30pm Workshop
Lindall KATZ - Workshop - Internalised Antisemitism

Antisemitism, Islam and the Middle East today
Emeritus Professor Clive KESSLER - Muslim antisemitism in history and today
Dr Yitzhak REITER - Denial of Jewish affiliation to Jerusalem
Associate Professor Suzanne RUTLAND - Iraq - a Zionist war?

Traces of antisemitism: what is common across time and space?
Dr Rachel BIRATI - Language of antisemitism in Aharon Appelfeld
Bruria BERGMAN - The Prague trial - pre 1967 verificatory case of the contemporary global camouflage of antizionism as antisemitism
Associate Professor Michael SCHWARTZ - The 'Riehl revival' and the Greens

2 - 3pm


4 - 5:15 pm

The US and Antisemitism
Professor Kitty Millet - The opportunity of antisemitism
Dr Amir HETSRONI - The Representation of Jews on Prime-Time Television Programming in the USA

Closing plenum - Where to now?
Prof. Stanley WATERMAN
Prof. Jack JACOBS
Australian respondents

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