Darsheini Program
Hosted by the Australian Centre for the Study of Jewish Civilisation
Monash University

Thursday 12 May 2005
Yom Ha’atzmaut

Yom Ha’atzmaut musical learning
Jewish spiral: reconnecting to the Jewish festivals

Spiral with Darsheni into belonging, celebration and remembrance through the Jewish Calendar

We will listen to Hadag Nachash, one of Israel’s leading music bands, who use hiphop, satirical lyrics to describe and comment on contemporary Israeli culture. This is a great way to hear the word on the Israeli street, in its lyric complexity. Bring instruments for a festive and interesting (but low key) event.

Thursday May 12, 8-10pm
388 Dandenong Rd, Caulfield. $5, includes drinks.

darsheini: community learning For further enquiries:
Melanie Landau +61 3 9905 2207
E-mail darsheini@arts.monash.edu.au

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