Darsheini Program

Tisha B’av Darsheini Program

Hosted by the Australian Centre for the Study of Jewish Civilisation Monash University

Saturday evening 13 August 2005 is Tisha B’av, the fast day where Jews commemorate some of our most traumatic experiences of loss and destruction.

Darsheini is organising a guided community learning on some of the themes surrounding Tisha B’av.

The learning will follow the reading of the Megillah – the Book of Lamentations – at Shira Hadasha.

Following Darsheini, Debbie Miller will give a talk called 'Sacred Fire: Faith in the Warsaw Ghetto,’ based on the Piacezne Rebbe, a Hasidic rebbe from the Warsaw Ghetto who wrote extraordinary religious reflections about the Holocaust. Debbie is a wonderful teacher and an expert on this topic.

Come to hear the Megillah, to participate in the community learning (about 30 mins) and to hear Debbie Miller talk, or come to any part of the evening.

Tisha B’av: Saturday 13 August, 6:30pm-9:00pm,

173 Balaclava Rd
Caulfield North (Shira Hadasha)
Melbourne Australia

For further enquiries about Darsheini:
Melanie Landau +61 3 9905 2207
E-mail darsheini@arts.monash.edu.au

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