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Florence Melton
Adult Mini-School

Melbourne Australia

Information Session

Tuesday 31 January 2006
Thursday 9 February 2006

The florence Melton Adult Mini School Information Session

MELTON... a unique jewish
LEARNING experience...
The Florence Melton Adult Mini School

  •  A two year course covering Jewish history, theology, ethics, the calendar and life cycle.
  •  Curriculum developed by the MELTON Centre for Jewish Education, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  •  Taught by experienced Jewish studies educators.
  •  NO education pre-requisites and NO exams
  •  One 2 hour class per week for 30 weeks
  •  Classes held Mondays 1-3:15 pm B'nai B'rith, or 8 - 10:15 pm at Temple Beth Israel or Tuesday 8 - 10:15 pm at Bialik College
  •  Information available on www.jewishmuseum.com.au -click on ADULT EDUCATION

    Come to a "A TASTE OF MELTON" for 2006.
    Experience a simple lesson at a FREE INFORMATION SESSION
    at the

    Jewish Museum of Australia,
    26 Alma Rd, St Kilda
    Melbourne Victoria 3182 Australia

    TUESDAY January 31 OR THURSDAY February 9 at 8.00pm

    To register (03) 85989698 or melton@jewishmuseum.com.au
    For all enquiries contact Leah 04 0305 2641

    More information www.jewishmuseum.com.au/melton

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