Limmud Oz Conference 2005

Saturday 2 July to Wednesday 6 July 2005

LIMMUD OZ 2005 - The biggest Jewish Festival in Sydney in 2005

Young adult function - - LIMMUD UP IN LIGHTS
Sunday 3 July 2005
John Safran... John Safran vs Religion
Amazing bands... Ilan Kidron from Glass, Gelbison & Sibella Stern
exciting line ups, free food & free drinks - all of this for only $35 ($17.50 for students).

All happening on Unsw campus
5-7pm at Scientia building, 7-11pm Shalom College

limmud oz australia

Other highlights include:-

....over 200 workshops and over 100 presenters speaking on everything from Jews in the Porn industry to relationships and Kabbalah
....International speakers Dr Boaz Ganor and Dr. Deborah E. Lipstadt
....Deborah Lipstadt - renowned Holocaust historian who was sued by Holocaust denier David Irving - and won!
....Boaz Ganor - founder and Executive Director of the International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT)

HOT topics at LIMMUD...
The United Nations and Anti-semitism - Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution
Part 1 - Love, Sex and Relationships
Porn Again Jews: Jewish Invovlement in the Adult Film Industry
Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory
The Threats of International Terrorism and Challenges for Counter-terrorism
"We've survived for thousands of years already, why give up now?" Jewish continuity and marriage: Comparisons with Maori and Chinese New Zealanders
Viva Las Vegas: The Jewish roots of Sin City
An Introduction to Jewish Meditation
Losses in Translation - The Wandering Jew. What does Immigration Really Mean?
Jewish Intermarriage Rates in Australia with Comparison to the Experience in Other Countries
Hiding under a Rock: Why Jews in rock music conceal their Judaism and sing about Jesus
Mood Disorders. Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Phobias and Depression - An Overview
Love, Lust & Kabbalah
Love + Laughter = Relationship. The Formula for Successful Living
Including People with Disabilities in Jewish Life

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or call (02) 9663 0655

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