Jewish Approach to Contemporary Issues

Melbourne Australia

Telephone 0408 272 636

JACI, an acronym for a Jewish Approach To Contemporary Issues, is an outreach organisation, which targets unaffiliated and observant Jews, couples and singles, between the ages 25 and 45.

The aim of JACI is to provide a stimulating educational, social and cultural framework by means of which to expose the audience to the richness of their Jewish heritage.

Inherent in JACI's mission statement is the ideal to present all of its functions in an attractive, exciting and often controversial format without compromising enlightened modern orthodox values. JACI holds monthly talks as well as Shabbat dinners in a warm friendly atmosphere.

Events hosted by the Jaci ( Jewish Approach To Contemporary Issues )
in Melbourne include:-

Sunday 20 March 2005
Jewish Meditation - An ascent through the world of Kabbalah
For more information follow this Jaci Jewish Meditation link

Sunday 13 February 2005
Pre-valentines day celebration
For more information follow this Jaci Pre Valentines link

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