Melbourne Australia Event

Monday 14 February 2005
Where: 306 Hawthorn Rd. South Caulfield.
Cost: $7/$9 (Includes refreshments)

RSVP: 03 9272 5509 or 0401 086855 or EMAIL melbourne@hagshama.org

When Sarah (Liraz Charchi) arrives with her Jewish family from Bombay, India, in a development town somewhere deep in Israel's Negev desert, Nicole (Neta Gerti), whose Moroccan Jewish family arrived there some years before, advises her to forget about writing stories about what she sees. "Here," she warns, "you'll only have blank pages."

There are numerous subplots in this charming, R-rated film, but the unifying story is the strong bond of friendship that Sarah and Nicole forge for each other—despite the differences in their backgrounds.

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CONTACT Assaf Liberant
PHONE +61 3 9272 5509
EMAIL melbourne@hagshama.org

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