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Melbourne Australia Event

Proudly presented by UIA and Hagshama

Advocafe with Ruth Yaron

This is a rare opportunity to have a face to face encounter with one of Israel's high profile personalities!

When: Tuesday, 7 March 2006

Time: 9:00PM

Where: Beth Weizmann
306 Hawthorn Rd
Caulfield South
Melbourne Australia

Light refreshments.

Ruth YaronBrigadier General Ruth Yaron is a graduate of Hebrew University and holds a B.A in state (domestic) and international affairs. Brigadier General Ruth Yaron completed studies at the international security college and holds an M.A. in state affairs and international security from Haifa University. Ruth Yaron is currently studying for a doctorate in state affairs. At the end of her studies, Ruth was accepted to the cadet's course of the foreign ministry and joined Israeli politics.


For further information about this activity please contact Yaron
on 03 9272 5509 or 0415 764 969
or EMAIL melbourne@hagshama.org

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