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Advocafe - Cutting Edge

Advocafe; keeping up-to-date

As a follow up to the SBS film on "Cutting Edge" about the propaganda in regards to events in Jenin, we are having a meeting in which the Video will be watched and discussed.

Advocafe members have been working on a cultural exchange with the Chinease community. On the second half of meeting, we will be discussing ways of furthering the project and finding ways of exposing Israel in a different light.

When: Thursday 23rd of June 2005

Time: 7:00 PM

Where: Beth Weizmann
306 Hawthorn Rd, South Caulfield
Melbourne Australia

For further information about this Hagshama activity please contact Yaron on 03 9272 5509 or 0415 764 969
or EMAIL melbourne@hagshama.org

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