Graham Friedman

Melbourne Australia Event

WHEN: Friday 26 January, 2007

ACTIVITY: Yearly Annual B.B.Q At Caulfield Park

WHERE: - Park Crescent and Balaclava Road
- (Near Kambrook Road end of the Park)
- (Enter via Park Crescent off Balaclava Road)
- (where the children's playground is)
- (Not Hawthorn Road side,but the other end of the Park)
- (Is this descriptive enough?)
Melbourne Australia

TIME: 11.30 am onwards

B.B.Q.'s: There are b.b.q's there at the park, and no coins are necessary.
B.Y.O. EVERYTHING: Friends, meat, chairs, drinks, salads, plates, etc etc, etc
Please bring your kids, soccer balls, frezbies, cricket games, etc...
Maybe we shall have a soccer or cricket match as well ?

For more details phone: (03) 9523-9982 or Mobile: 04-222-44-817
or email:

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