Chabad House of Bentleigh

Melbourne Australia

Chabad House of Bentleigh will be holding a Shabaton on
Friday the 6 May 2005
For jewish uni students and/or people aged b/w 18-25

This will be held at chabad house of Bentleigh or Rabbi Raskin's house in East Bentleigh depending on the response.

These nights are specifically aimed at bringing jews closer to Yiddushkeit by experiencing a real traditional Shabbat. The event will be held monthly and depending on interest, will hopefully grow into a more of a social gathering for the jewish youth of the area and the wider melbourne. There will be no cost except any donation the person wishes to give.

For those who want more details phone, or email Michael Segal 0417229846 or

Rabbi Mendel Raskin 0425759428
Schneers Zalmen Raskin 0425827343

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