Annual General meeting

Mujss Melbourne University Jewish Students Society

Monday 8 May 2006

We are holding our Annual General meeting on Monday 8th May 1-2pm Baldwin Spencer building theatre, Baldwin Spencer building, University of Melbourne Parkville Victoria Australia campus.

The Agenda will be:

Item 1 Attendance
1.1 Opening

Item 2 Adoption of the Agenda
2.1 List order of business

Item 3 President’s Welcome
3.1 Address to members

Item 4 Constitution
4.1 Distribution of proposed club constitution
4.2 Adoption of club constitution

Item 5 Reports
5.1 President’ Report
5.2 Treasurer’s Report

Item 6 Elections

6.1 Returning Officer nomination/confirmation of appointment
6.2 Outline of election procedure to be used for the election
6.3 Call for nominations for positions:
6.3.1 President;
6.3.2 Vice President;
6.3.3 Treasurer;
6.3.4 Secretary;
6.3.5 General Committee Member
6.4 Voting and Declaration of Results

Item 7 Other Business
7.1 Items are to be listed

Item 8 Close
8.1 Meeting closed

Our current constitution and proposed amendments to the constitution are attached and can also be viewed at our website:

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